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All–In–One Gift and Card. Sylvia Bennett Entertainment and Out of Sight Music, Inc. have developed a gift and a card that will last beyond this Holiday Season.

It’s Christmas Time CD Greeting Card is the first of Sylvia Bennett’s new gift collection. It offers a unique blend of Christmas classics sprinkled with four new holiday songs. Sylvia Bennett loves Christmas time and it has been a dream of hers to put together a group of holiday songs in a contemporary approach that uplifts and wraps you up in the Christmas Spirit. ...read more

Reviews for C’est Si Bon

If one is interested in exploring French music, there are many different options. There’s French alternative rock, French dance–pop, French Euro–pop, French R&B and French hip–hop. Or, one can go the classic chanson route, which is what veteran singer Sylvia Bennett does on C’est Si Bon. Bennett is not a native of France; the veteran cabaret/jazz singer was born in Italy but raised in the United States (she now lives in South Florida), and most of her recordings have been in English. But she performed in Spanish exclusively on her album Sonríe (Smile) and sticks to French lyrics on C’est Si Bon. ...read more

Alex Henderson4 Stars (Out of 5)

Italian–born and American–raised, Sylvia Bennett presents the intimate portraits of French pop and jazz standards in an attractive package of thirteen carefully composed songs crafted in an enthralling and memorable manner. The seductive and suave songs of Sylvia Bennett on C’est Si Bon are jazzy, pop–centered, and classical. The warmth of the vocals signals a winning chord amidst the backdrop of European musical arrangements and various instruments. Sylvia’s vocals fall somewhere between Patricia Kaas, Carla Bruni, and Edith Piaf. As a whole, C’est Si Bon delivers a classy set of songs led by one of the best singers in contemporary music today. Anyone familiar with French pop music, jazz standards, European music, and neo–classical vocal music will love Sylvia Bennett. C’est Si Bon is nothing short of ‘magnifique’. ...read more

Matthew Forss5 Stars (Out of 5)

Sylvia Bennett is a fabulous talent and no language barrier can conceal that. Despite being recorded in French, the record is so wonderfully performed, produced, and arranged that it can speak to people and engage them regardless of their native tongue. If you appreciate songs from the fabled great American songbook, then you owe it to yourself to hear the French equivalent of that, courtesy of the wonderful voice of Sylvia Bennett. ...read more

Heath Andrews5 Stars (Out of 5)

April In Paris

CD Release Interview at the Rennaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero Hotel

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New York, NY (Top40 Charts) March 19, 2013 – April in Paris is an irresistible time of love and wonderment, but in 2013 a special celebration will heighten the city’s magic... Marking the release of C’est Si Bon, Sylvia Bennett’s new album, the American diva will enchant audiences with a concert at the Renaissance Le Parc Trocadero Hotel on April 15th, beginning at 9:00 p.m.

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Reviews for “Sonríe”

What inspired me was Bennett’s impeccable delivery of the Spanish language; her ability to articulate the accents in the right spots and to not homogenize the entire offering, this premise is the cornerstone to this entire release. Bennett no question has a warm inviting tone that instantly captures you. Though foreign languages are not new to Bennett (sings in French, Spanish and English) it is the authenticity of her delivery in Sonrie that takes this recording to an entirely different level....read more

Constance Tucker, All About Vocals

Sylvia Bennett's vocals are intoxicating and delivered in a confident and self-assured style that allows this release to take on it's own authenticity and explore the somewhat dated concept of a Spanish-language release in a far more relevant and contemporary showcase.

A captivating and highly entertaining release....read more

Brent Black, Critical Jazz

Throughout this new and special musical project, we will have the opportunity to hear the silky, strong and bright voice of Sylvia Bennett in perfect Spanish, a feature that certainly stands out in an Anglo-Saxon vocalist....read more

Javier Garcia Escamez, No Solo Jazz

Grammy award winning vocalist Sylvia Bennett releases Sonríe, a jazz standards release with a new twist, well a Latin tinged one at least. In an era where a high percentage of jazz vocalists focus on the technique and articulation of the notes, it is refreshing to hear a master of song stylings put her spin on classic jazz standards completely sung in Spanish. So what about the authenticity you ask? Italian born, Bennett an always striving for perfection and reaching new heights (no wonder Lionel Hampton hired her permanently) artist procured a language coach (Juan Angelogianopulos) to make sure her journey would be flawless, and I must say that it is. Bennett shines; she lures the listener in with her luxurious voice and golden pipes, then sets the mood and delivers just the right atmosphere – no matter the language – for the listener....read more

Geannine Reid, JazzTimes

Lionel Hampton was onto her... he said “Man, the lady can sing! Her magic gets to the ears and the hearts of the audience.” It doesn’t stop there... the beautiful vocalist has an electric, engaging charisma that leaves her fans spellbound. Ms. Bennett’s brand new release is not only sweet and seductive, but it’s international! SONRÍE is a celebration of the vocalist’s passion for Latin music and culture. As adept and beguiling as she is in English, the Grammy–nominated Bennett is fantastico in Spanish... impeccable! Hot on the heels of SMILE, SONRÍE is the Spanish answer... meaning “smile.” As this album borrows a handful of songs from it’s English namesake, it embellishes with complimentary pieces translated to Español as well as Latin classics such as “Besame Mucho.” Don’t take our word for it... or Mr. Hampton’s for that matter, find out for yourself that Sylvia Bennett is indeed enthralling, captivating and muy caliente!...go to article

Sandy Shore, SmoothJazz.com

50 years ago it seemed like it was obligatory for vocalists to do a Latin album somewhere in the course of the contract. Jazz vocalist Bennett goes that route, and even if she had to learn the Spanish words phonetically, this is no obligatory album. The tracks are generally familiar ones, except for the originals, and she brings that something extra to the proceedings. A nice, Spanish flavored jazz set that goes heavy on the romance where even if you don’t know what she’s talking about you get the flavor, this certainly adds to any mood that needs the right mood enhancer. Well done again....go to article

Midwest Records

Reviews for “Smile”

“Bennett’s warm–toned vocals serve her quite well here as she unleashes an assault on the Songbook in stylish fashion...Bennett’s treatment of this music delivers a musical experience sure to draw a well–deserved Smile.”

Edward Blanco, All About Jazz

“Sylvia Bennett’s evocative phrasing melts the listener’s heart. If you possess a fondness for romantic music, tastefully presented by a singer whose music flows directly from her heart to the listener’s ear then you should check out Sylvia Bennett’s album Smile.”

Joe Montague, Riveting Riffs

“It is amazing how versatile the Great American Songbook has become – and, of course, how much of an important resource for jazz vocalists and musicians it has become. That is the case with vocalist Sylvia Bennett – she has selected fourteen popular songs, many famous from usage in movies and musicals, and given them a Latin feel to update them. On the whole this works very well, even those normally associated with a swing beat.

And finally, but not least, there is Ms. Bennett's voice, light enough to glide effortlessly over the music, and also to be so completely wistful at the same time. This is an excellent album, rich in melody and rhythm and it reinforces that cliched idiom that ‘they don’t write them like that anymore’!”

John M. Peters, The Borderland

“Smile displays Bennett’s fondness for suave bossa nova grooves and the pleasurable tones of orchestral feathering which accentuate the melodies graceful lines. Bennett’s treatment of the selection gives them an upscale polish that is reminiscent of the refined voicing of Rosa Passos, while adding in her own bewitching inflections. The smoothness in Bennett’s elocution of the verses in “The Look Of Love” is hypnotizing, and the trickling gushes of strings combined with throngs of traipsing piano scrolls in “The Very Thought Of You” lasso the listener in ringlets of love–inspired harmonies. The leisurely pitter–patter in the percussive flow of the song is angled to put romance on the mind, and Bennett shows a visceral sensitivity to preserve romantic tidings.

Susan Frances, Helium

“Imagine a dozen American standards arranged in a bouquet of elegance, jazz and Bossa... no doubt inspired by the perennial south Florida colors and rhythms...SMILE delivers a contemporary yet classic audio environment. Retooling the classic tunes is one current music trend that I am happy to endorse and Sylvia Bennett’s SMILE rises to the top of my favorites...like cream!”

Sandy Shore, Smoothjazz.com

“Whether basking in either version of the Bennett/Batt “Smile” or in “The Shadow of Your Smile” or various other cozy cuddles of music on the album, there’s much smile–inducing on the CD.”

Talking Broadway


Reviews for “Songs from the Heart”

“Welcome to the new classic. Songs from the Heart is a collection of unforgettable tunes that create a brilliant stage for Sylvia to shine on with amazing clarity…her warm, sweet & smooth vocal delivery is breathtaking. The natural sonic approach will appeal to music enthusiasts of all ages.”

Sandy Shore, Smoothjazz.com

“Anytime you get an album in and can’t help but add 7 of the 12 tracks on it to your play list, you know you’ve got a great album! It’s a can’t miss combination of a beautiful silky voice and the sensuous sound of three of the all time best sax men in the business that does it.”

Paul Richards, Program Director
WHLI, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

“Songs from the Heart is not just another jazz vocals album, it is a ground breaking project. Sylvia Bennett creates a perfect marriage of voice and sax singing wonderful jazzy love songs with the help of a cast of luminaries. Bennett charms her way into your heart.”

Edward Blanco, WDNA, Miami

“Sylvia Bennett’s new CD has lit up our telephone lines. She has a unique ability to relate a lyric that affects our audience. She’s an oasis from the troubles in the world.”

Jeff Gehringer, Program Director

“You have not heard a collection of standards sung more passionately than the manner in which Sylvia Bennett delivers them. With the assistance of three of the music industry’s most prolific tenor saxophonists, Bennett & producer Hal S. Batt have created a masterpiece with Songs from the Heart.”

Joe Montague, Riveting Rifts

"Sylvia Bennett is a singer that personifies artistry in the truest sense of the word. Her tone is warm & pleasing to the ear. This album is like shaking hands with a smile as all the players bring their ‘A’ game to the session. There is no need to get the jeweler’s loop out on this record as the performers prove that great music speaks for itself.”

John Gilbert, ejazznews.com


Reviews from "There Will Never Be Another You"

"This album has a companion DVD featuring Hamp and the big band with Bennett vocalizing magnificently. This recording is a gem as well as having monumental historical significance.  Sylvia Bennett's vocal on "There Will Never Be Another You" is pure joy as she struts and sashays her way through this tune sweetly swinging.  Her clear tone and enunciation are perfect This has always been a great tune and Bennett treats it as such. Great vocal, with solid ensemble backing.  "Beulah's Boogie" Boogie Woogie time as the band fires up this tune and smokes it fully. Hamp's solo is the be all and end all with the band romping happily.  "Bill Bailey" Sylvia Bennett takes it upstairs and gives new meaning to this oldie.  "Red Top" I have done this tune with Gene Ammons in the long ago past and it never gets out of style. A nice saxophone solo with the band driving hard and strong puts it in the category of swinging easy with substance. On  "Please Love Me" Bennett gets after this tune like a hungry man with a ham sandwich. She swings; she sings with gusto and treats the tempo like an old friend. Blues with a strong message says it all. The combination of Lionel Hampton, Sylvia Bennett and the band work their magic in no uncertain terms. This is American jazz presented in its purest form."<

John Gilbert, Ejazz News

"Hampton found his vocal soul mate in Bennett and the chemical reaction the two conjure up on ‘There Will Never Be Another You’ is as inventive as it is entertaining.”

C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

"With spunky blowing by Hamp and the band and charming vocals, by the Italian-born Bennett, on seven numbers.  After listening,  It's easy to see why Hamp was so taken with her.  Bennett has a pleasing voice and crystal-clear diction, sings squarely on-key, respects a lyric and knows how to swing when the occasion demands.  Although her background was pop, she effortlessly to Hampton's more Jazz-oriented style."

Jack Bowers, Cadence Magazine

"Smartly attired, this silken-voiced songstress performs with a flair that captures the Hampton style of big band, swing and classic jazz. In the intimate setting of this classy theatre, this classy lady meshes the songs with high technology. The multi-media were superb—it actually appeared as if she was singing and talking to Hampton, and he with her. She would start a song and then the large video would take over and she personally concluded with an occasional innovative surprise. After treating the audience to a delicious dose of world favorites: “Sentimental Journey,” “Lullaby of Birdland,” “Lady is a  Tramp,” “Can’t Take that Away from Me,” “Bill Bailey,” “Don’t Mean a Thing,” and more, this gifted chanteuse indulged everyone with some of her original music."

Howard Salus, Entertainment News & Views, on The Lady & the Legend Show

"Relaxing smooth jazz compositions with uptempo Latin and Caribbean influences, “There Will Never Be Another You” also features the talented Sylvia Bennett. A Grammy nominated jazz artist, Lionel Hampton is known for his legendary skills on the vibraphone. Honoring Hampton, the album is a pop composition destined to appeal to jazz and pop audiences everywhere. Originally recorded in 1989 along with produder Hal Batt after their Grammy nomination, Lionel Hampton and Sylvia Bennett’s second album is staggering."

J. Sin, Smother Magazine

"This is an awesome collaboration - big band + dance mix + electronic vibes and of course, those sensational vocals by Sylvia Bennett...a sure chart topper!  Kudos to everyone."

Bob Collins, WRHU-Long Island

"A new CD and DVD by famed vibraphonist Lionel Hampton and chanteuse Sylvia Bennett.  Sylvia Bennett has a silky smooth voice and she puts a lot of feeling into the song "There Will Never Be Another You." There are a few more highlight tracks where the band is cooking and Bennett feeds off that energy. The song "Bill Bailey" and "Together" are two such songs that fly from start to finish with energy galore.  The studio orchestra is tight. Hampton lays down great lines on top of the mix; he lays off the beat, and picking his single note fills perfectly, adds a completely new dimension to the tunes."

Paul Youngman, The Live Music Report

"There Will Never Be Another You: Recorded in 1989 but unreleased until now, Hampton had taken a liking to Florida vocalist Sylvia Bennett and this was their second album together.  Still an innovator to the end, Hampton leads the way on a vibalicious performance that shimmers and bops at the same time.  The pairing has an affinity that works, even in home recordings where there's nothing but the vibe flowing.  A tasty work by a lion in winter doing the unexpected and letting his professionalism show.  Old fans will love this post card from another time zone from the classic jazzbo master.  The package also includes a DVD that goes into the story behind the story."

Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap

"Recorded in 1989 and featuring vocalist Sylvia Bennett, this studio performance captures Lionel Hampton in action with a big band, tearin’ up those swingin’ vibes. Hampton’s 1989 band arrangements are outstanding. They pull everyone together, lifting each section up to its assigned role in support of the vibraphonist’s featured spot. He carries each selection with vigor. Reeds and brass pack plenty of power, while the rhythm section swings. The use of electric bass and congas lend a contemporary charm to the band’s sound, which merges well with the leader’s animated performance. Sylvia Bennett, who sings six selections on this CD program and provides commentary on the companion DVD, fits the characteristics of the Hampton band well. The swing and bounce in her voice carries a complementary charm. Several of her selections are pop-oriented, bringing a decidedly different approach to the Hampton organization. She’s even integrated Hampton’s spoken comments as sound bites on a remix of "You Make My Heart Sing," which brings out the goose bumps."

Jim Santella, All About Jazz

"The album itself consists of fourteen tracks which alternate between instrumentals and vocal tracks with Sylvia Bennett. The songs are largely familiar titles like "Just One of Those Things," "Bill Bailey" and "It Might As Well Be Spring," with the addition of some swing-type titles for the instrumentals like "Cookin' in the Kitchen" (aka "Jumpin' at the Mudhole") and "Beulah's Boogie." Bennett's voice is admirable, with a clear and bright tone and good enunciation of the lyrics.  There is a 28-minute DVD accompanying the CD which purports to show “the making of the album,” with camera work catching Hampton/Bennett planning, preparing and performing to record. There was obviously a great chemistry between the vibist and vocalist and, considering that Hampton is now gone, there's a quasi-treasure chest of memories in some of this footage."

Michael P. Gladstone, All About Jazz

"Vibes master Lionel Hampton’s glowing "There Will Never Be Another You" album gets a posthumous release and features vocal contributions from Sylvia Bennett. Originally recorded in 1989, Hampton’s ace vibraphonics skate across the lavish brass and piano arrangements, and are complemented by Sylvia’s sweet, popacious vocals. An insightful ‘making of’ documentary is also included, which shows Lionel hard at work in his kitchen, cooking up his musical delicacies."

Jon Freer, Jazz Not Jazz

"Bennett sings swing-era classics (Don't Get Around Much Anymore, Undecided, It's All Right with Me) with the confidence of a big-band belter- and the finesse of a smooth, understated crooner."

Tom Moon, The Miami Herald

" …Rita Moreno and David Brenner, but what the 600 guests came away talking about was a local entertainer who opened the show, Singer Sylvia Bennett, a Key Biscayne resident, so enthralled the audience that even Moreno said she had "the most unique sound" she had heard in years."

The Good News Magazine