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Miami, Florida, October 24, 2013 –– All–In–One Gift and Card. Sylvia Bennett Entertainment and Out of Sight Music, Inc. have developed a gift and a card that will last beyond this Holiday Season.

It’s Christmas Time CD Greeting Card is the first of Sylvia Bennett’s new gift collection. It offers a unique blend of Christmas classics sprinkled with four new holiday songs. Sylvia Bennett loves Christmas time and it has been a dream of hers to put together a group of holiday songs in a contemporary approach that uplifts and wraps you up in the Christmas Spirit. This gift features holiday favorites like Winter Wonderland, Let It Snow, and, her personal favorite, The Christmas Song. Sylvia co–wrote three of the four new songs. Each song was inspired by the colors, lights and the spirit of giving and what a great gift it is to be able to share it. The greatest gift of all, besides the physical presents, is the gift of love that we all share with the hope that the Christmas Spirit lasts throughout the year.

This all–in–one gift and card is introduced as a personal or corporate gift that is perfect for all those on your Holiday list. It is now available online through her website or through For those interested in placing multiple orders or for wholesalers, discounts are available. Please refer to the website for pricing guide.

For more information contact Janet Moorhead at Janet at Sylvia Bennett dotcom or call 305–361–2311.