Sylvia Bennett Supper Club
Sylvia Bennett Supper Club

At a snap of your fingers and absolutely no cost or risk to you, transform your establishment into an elegant New York Supper Club...featuring Grammy Nominee, Sylvia Bennett.

Following a simple, yet highly effective, formula, Ms. Bennett has been selling out her events (see link below for sample menus) providing the best in entertainment without any up front fees or minimums:

  • Ms. Bennett's fee is a per person cover charge that is folded into a Prix Fixe offering.
  • The price to your patrons includes a meal and/or drinks, plus a show by Ms. Bennett.
  • Her total fee is based on her cover charge times the number of attendees, with no minimum number required plus room and board.

Review Ms. Bennett's PR kit or visit to learn more about this world-class entertainer who:

  • Performed for ten years with the jazz legend, Lionel Hampton.
  • Performed for two Presidential Inaugurations (Reagan and Bush #41).
  • Recorded numerous CDs, including a Grammy nominated album with Mr. Hampton. Her most recent CD, Smile was released in April 2010.
  • Performs widely throughout the USA and in Europe, both as opening act and headliner.
  • Has won acclaim for her intimate performances in smaller club settings, where Ms. Bennett uniquely engages the audience to make them feel like a part of her show.

In these challenging economic times, the Sylvia Bennett Supper Club Show will offer your patrons a magical escape –a most enjoyable, upscale experience – with no risk or cost to you. Quite to the contrary, the considerable success and popularity of Sylvia's events are sure to drive patrons to your establishment!

To create a "special event" for your restaurant or club, contact:

Sylvia Bennett Entertainment
PH 1-305-361-2311 / PH 1-786-205-1895

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