Baby, It’s Cold Outside Sylvia Bennett

Baby Its Cold Outside

Release Date September 8, 2017
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Baby, It’s Cold Outside delivers a sweet blending of Paul’s soulful and rugged with Sylvia’s flawless, velvety delivery! With a smile, smirk and classic sex appeal Bennett thwarts Brown&rsquo's characterization of the tune’s relentless and compelling argument for staying snuggly indoors! A fun, festive arrangement featuring bouncy horns a plenty, and the duo’s irresistible, albeit confounding chemistry, makes it impossible to listen once... the video is even more addictive!

This unique and modern version of Baby, It’s Cold Outside is sure to become the favorite tune on your holiday playlist!

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1.   Baby, It’s Cold Outside (3:56)
2.   Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Radio Edit (3:31)
3.   Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Smooth Jazz Mix (3:56)
4.   Baby, It’s Cold Outside – EDM (3:27)



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J. Pepper
The Jazz Word
Nov 27, 2017

It’s the holiday season – ooh – ah! Yes, it is, and thankfully one I look forward to each year. Though there are cynics all around, this writer loves the holiday cheer and the new renditions at the holiday table I get to spring on all. Good news; you too can be in–the–know. Sylvia Bennett is back with a single this year entitled “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” featuring special guest Paul Brown. Read more...

Roland Freerier
The Jazz Word
December 23, 2017

Are you a Christmas last minute shopper, putting all your ducks in a row from the crystal to the trimmings, to the mood of your guests? If this is the case, then adding the new Sylvia Bennett single “Baby It’s Cold Outside,“ is a MUST. I have to admit, my car is tuned to the “Holly” channel, and I got to hear the tune as I drove around doing my early shopping. Knowing this was on my desk and one of the singles I needed to review for the holiday edition was a welcomed opportunity. Read more...

Jeff Becker
Jazz Sensibilities
December 24, 2017

A timeless tune that just keeps on giving. Right when you think you can’t hear one more version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” here comes the reigning queen of smooth. Who, you might ask? Well, Sylvia Bennett of course, her timeless and effortless way of convincing you of every note she sings as being the definitive version, must have been the reason why Lionel Hampton asked her to join his ensemble and play for multiple Presidents, diplomats and fans all over the globe.Read more...

Stella Landry
5 Finger Review
December 23, 2017

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is a wonderful duet between Paul’s soulful and masculine voice with Sylvia’s velvety relaxed delivery. This fun tune, offers a driving shuffle feel to this classic tune, the arrangement takes us for a nice adventure with many sections and fun background figures. Brown’s guitar solo is a treat. The duet also recorded a video of to accompany the single that confirms what we heard in the track, these two have a wonderful chemistry! This festive arrangement will be a fun addition to the Christmas mix, striking a perfect balance between classic and modern. Read more...