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About The Album

Inspired by her passion for Latin music and culture, Sonríe realizes one of Sylvia Bennett’s most cherished dreams: a Spanish–language recording of timeless classics. Lose yourself in the Grammy–nominated artist’s sultry voice – a voice first discovered by jazz legend, Lionel Hampton, and lauded by U.S. Presidents and critics alike. Sonríe is an irresistible Latin seduction, a tropical concoction as intoxicating as a first kiss.

Sobre el Album

Inspirada por su pasión para la música y cultura Latina, Sonríe es la realización de un sueño de la artista Sylvia Bennett, una colección de canciones clásicas en Español. Piérdase en la voz sensual de esta artista – una voz descubierta por el legendario Lionel Hampton, reconocida en los Grammys, y elogiada por tanto Presidentes como críticos. Sonríe es una seducción Latina, una deliciosa mezcla tropical tan intoxicante como un primer beso.


1. Mirada de Amor (3:30)
2. Bésame Mucho (3:13)
3. Por Tí (3:23)
4. Sonríe (3:57)
5. Quien Será (2:40)
6. Somos Novios (3:05)
7. Cuando Vuelva a Tu Lado (2:42)
8. Tanto Vivir (3:44)
9. Perfidia (3:58)
10. La Sombra de Tu Amor (3:46 )
11. El Reloj (2:41)
12. Sabor a Mi (2:54)

Reviews for Sonríe

“Sylvia Bennett's vocals are intoxicating and delivered in a confident and self-assured style that allows this release to take on it's own authenticity and explore the somewhat dated concept of a Spanish-language release in a far more relevant and contemporary showcase.

A captivating and highly entertaining release.”

– Brent Black
Critical Jazz

“Throughout this new and special musical project, we will have the opportunity to hear the silky, strong and bright voice of Sylvia Bennett in perfect Spanish, a feature that certainly stands out in an Anglo-Saxon vocalist.”

–Javier Garcia Escamez
No Solo Jazz

“Grammy award winning vocalist Sylvia Bennett releases Sonríe, a jazz standards release with a new twist, well a Latin tinged one at least. In an era where a high percentage of jazz vocalists focus on the technique and articulation of the notes, it is refreshing to hear a master of song stylings put her spin on classic jazz standards completely sung in Spanish. So what about the authenticity you ask? Italian born, Bennett an always striving for perfection and reaching new heights (no wonder Lionel Hampton hired her permanently) artist procured a language coach (Juan Angelogianopulos) to make sure her journey would be flawless, and I must say that it is. Bennett shines; she lures the listener in with her luxurious voice and golden pipes, then sets the mood and delivers just the right atmosphere – no matter the language – for the listener.”

– Geannine Reid

“50 years ago it seemed like it was obligatory for vocalists to do a Latin album somewhere in the course of the contract. Jazz vocalist Bennett goes that route, and even if she had to learn the Spanish words phonetically, this is no obligatory album. The tracks are generally familiar ones, except for the originals, and she brings that something extra to the proceedings. A nice, Spanish flavored jazz set that goes heavy on the romance where even if you don’t know what she’s talking about you get the flavor, this certainly adds to any mood that needs the right mood enhancer. Well done again.”

–Midwest Records

“What inspired me was Bennett’s impeccable delivery of the Spanish language; her ability to articulate the accents in the right spots and to not homogenize the entire offering, this premise is the cornerstone to this entire release. Bennett no question has a warm inviting tone that instantly captures you. Though foreign languages are not new to Bennett (sings in French, Spanish and English) it is the authenticity of her delivery in Sonrie that takes this recording to an entirely different level.”

–Constance Tucker
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